The North Texas Community Foundation awards over $ 200,000 to nonprofits in the area


The North Texas Community Foundation announces the recipients of two recent funding cycles, which will award over $ 207,000 to nonprofits in the area.

A total of US $ 116,000 was awarded to 14 organizations through the Anita Berry Martin Memorial Fund. The grants support a range of needs, from programming to operations. The Anita Berry Martin Memorial Fund, founded in 2013, is a foundation that awards grants in the areas of land conservation, horse therapy and horse welfare.

The following organizations were funded by the Anita Berry Martin Memorial Fund in 2021:

  • All Star Equestrian Foundation: To support vet expenses, farrier, supplements and feed for their herd.
  • Texas Botanical Research Institute: Support of a pilot project on sustainable animal husbandry and publication of the results.
  • Camp Fire First Texas: Funded Title 1 schools to attend Texas Outdoor Education Center.
  • City of Weatherford: To support the pasture renovation and to provide a safe place for the rescued horse.
  • Fossil Rim Wildlife Center: For the purchase of a bulldozer to protect, maintain and restore the Texan habitat through juniper management and planting native grass.
  • Great Plains Restoration Council: In support of a weeklong prairie restoration work event with participants in the Restoration Not Incarceration â„¢ program.
  • MHMR visions: Provision of horse therapy for the adolescents in the inpatient treatment center.
  • National Wildlife Association: To aid monarch butterfly recovery by empowering Fort Worth ISD students, teachers, and community members to create milkweed habitats.
  • Parker County Sheriff’s Office: Providing specialized veterinary services to abused and neglected horses in Parker County.
  • Stars and Strides therapeutic equestrian center: To support veterinary costs and farrier services for older horses.
  • STEPS with horses: For general operational support.
  • University of North Texas Foundation: Restoration, protection and conservation of 85 acres of prairie land in the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area.
  • Victory Therapy Center: To support your horses’ veterinarian costs and farrier services.
  • Wings of hope: Providing agricultural and operational improvements for the horses they care for.

The North Texas Community Foundation, through the Helen D. and RE Wallace Foundation Fund, made grants totaling US $ 91,360 to 17 animal welfare programs in the area. Additional funds are reserved to support emergency rescue initiatives in Johnson and Tarrant Counties. The Helen D. and RE Wallace Foundation Fund provides funding to organizations in Tarrant and Johnson Counties to care for abused, injured, and abandoned animals, including dogs, cats, and horses.

The 2021 scholarship holders include:

  • Allies Haven Animal Rescue: For veterinary care of abused and neglected dogs.
  • Animal Examination and Response: For supplies to equip the Field Response Team.
  • Apollo support & rescue: Provision of vaccinations, sterilization / castration operations, heartworm tests and preventive measures.
  • Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society: Assess for trainers, then train rescued horses to be adopted.
  • Busters friends: To support sterilization / castration operations, special animal care and vaccinations.
  • Don’t forget to feed me: Buy cat and dog food to distribute to the community.
  • Forever Home International Dog Sanctuary: For the veterinary and dental care of the dogs in the animal shelter.
  • Friends of Arlington Animal Services: To provide sterilization / castration operations for feral cats as part of the Trap Neuter Return program and heartworm treatment for dogs.
  • Humane Society of North Texas:
    • To support the welfare of horses saved from cruelty at their Johnson County facility.
    • In support of advanced care, rehabilitation, and adoption preparation for pets rescued from cruelty and neglect.
  • Cats in the mid-cities community: Providing spay / neuter surgeries for feral cats supported by the Trap Castration Return Program and medication.
  • Panther City Coalition for Wild Cats: For the medical care of injured and sick cats that are feral or abandoned.
  • Ranch hand rescue: To support the care of rescued animals that are integrated into their counseling program.
  • Remember me salvation: For the veterinary and farrier services of the retired, geriatric racehorses in their rescue.
  • Saving Hope Animal Rescue Fund: Provision of sterilization / castration operations for the animals in foster families and preparation for adoption.
  • Save Hope Foundation: To the . to support Snap, snap, hurray! Campaign.
  • Spay neuter network: Providing spay / neuter surgery for dogs and cats in Fort Worth.
  • Texas Coalition for Animal Welfare: In support of the Fort Worth Fix program to provide spay / neuter services to pets of low-income residents of Fort Worth.

“This year’s awardees represent strong local efforts dedicated to the humane treatment, care, and welfare of animals and the preservation of the land in our area,” said Rose Bradshaw, President and CEO of the North Texas Community Foundation. “Companies in these areas tend to have slim operating budgets and limited staff. Thanks to the generosity of the donors who supported this important work with foundations, local non-profit organizations will continue to protect our animals and the natural environment. “


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