The Queen’s new companion who lives with her at Windsor Castle

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It is no secret the Queen‘s beloved corgis play a central role in the monarch’s lifestyle, having owned more than 30 during her reign.

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But according to the MailOnline, the dog-loving queen is now the proud owner of an award-winning cocker spaniel who has become a loving member of her family. As a change from her usual corgis, the Queen has adopted a pedigree Wolferton Drama, sweetly named ‘Lissy’ in her honor. The four-year-old pup was crowned top dog at the Kennel Club Cocker Spaniel Championships – earning her place as the Queen’s first Hound Champion in each breed.

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The monarch isn’t the first king to adopt a cocker spaniel Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are also a fan of the affectionate breed.

Kate’s brother James Middleton gave the family a spaniel puppy early last year after their English Cocker Spaniel, Lupo, sadly passed away.

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Queen Elizabeth Dog

The Queen has always been a great lover of dogs

The Queen’s corgis have been good canine companions for the monarch for decades. At 18, she was given her first corgi, Susan, and even took her beloved pet with her on her honeymoon Prince Philip.

The mother of four is never far from her dogs, whom she famously called her “family” in the past. The pampered pooches have traveled with her on tour and have been given pride of place in one of her official portraits for her 90th birthday.

Their corgi, Whisper, passed away in October 2018 and sadly the Queen was also mourning the loss of one of her corgi dachshunds, Vulcan, in 2020. The Cambridges were sad to share the news that Lupo had passed away in November 2020.

Queen Elizabeth Corgis

The monarch has owned more than 30 dogs during her reign

Her Majesty still has Candy, a cross between a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Dachshund, and two Corgi puppies. Despite saying she didn’t want any more puppies in her advanced years, during lockdown she was gifted two, Fergus and Muick, by her son Prince Andrew.

Sadly, Fergus the Corgi passed away in May 2021. But the following month, which would have been Prince Philip’s 100th birthday, Andrew is said to have bought his mother another puppy to replace Fergus.

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