The sighting of mountain lions leads to lockdowns at two California schools

Two northern California schools were closed on Monday after a mountain lion was seen nearby, authorities said.

The cat, described as an adult female, was first seen on a creek path east of Evergreen Elementary School in Rohnert Park, about 80 kilometers north of San Francisco, Monday morning, the city’s public safety agency said.

Image: A Calmed Mountain Lion (Courtesy Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety)

Evergreen and a middle school, Lawrence Jones, were locked down around 8 a.m. as local authorities waited for wildlife experts and State Department of Fish and Game officials.

“We want the mountain lion to move back to their home alone,” said the department.

A few hours later, the department announced that she was captured and reassured when she did not walk alone. The experts planned to bring the cat back home, who is wearing a GPS tracking device, authorities said.

She usually roams Taylor Mountain Regional Park, a few miles north of Rohnert Park, a local wildlife researcher told the Press Democrat newspaper.

Researcher Quinton Martins said the cat has a rare neurological disorder that causes it to move slowly and awkwardly.

According to the Mountain Lion Foundation, mountain lions rarely attack humans. “You are more likely to drown in your bathtub, get killed by a dog, or be struck by lightning,” the group said.

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