These are 10 adorable Poodle Crossbreed dogs that are perfect snuggly hypoallergenic pets for those with allergies


There are a staggering 221 different breeds of purebred doggies to choose from – from giant hounds to tiny lap dogs – and to add confusion, there are numerous crossbreeds to consider.

These “designer dogs” aim to combine positive traits from two different breeds, and the undisputed champion when it comes to canine crossbreeding is the poodle.

Combining intelligence, an easy-going nature, and most importantly, a hypoallergenic coat, the poodle was used to create some of the most sought-after dogs today.

Do you love labs but can’t cope with hair loss? No problem – get a Labradoodle.

These are 10 of the most popular poodle crossbreeds.


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