These are the UK’s most expensive dog breeds in 2022

The most expensive dog breeds in the UK have been revealed, and some of the most expensive will cost you thousands of pounds. The average price of a dog has fallen over the past year, according to research by experts at Pets4Homes.

Figures show that the average price of a dog on Pets4Homes in March 2022 was £1,382.41. This is lower than the same month last year when the average price was £2,080.79. Some popular breeds have also seen a massive drop in their average price over the past year.

The breed with the biggest price drop is the Border Collie, which has an average price of £616 in March 2022 – down 49% compared to the same period last year. Only two breeds – the American Bully and the Cane Corso – did not change in price.

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Here are the most expensive dog breeds as of March 2022 according to Pets4homes:

American Bully – £2,294.27

English Bulldog – £2,221.8

Golden retrievers – £1,831.74

Pomeranian – £1,779.95

French Bulldog – £1,707.71

Miniature Dachshund – £1,658.72

Cavapoo – £1,637.06

Labradoodle – £1,380.58

Cane Corso – £1,349.53

Dachshund – £1,342.41

Cockapoo – £1,336.15

Cocker Spaniel – £1,331

Labrador Retriever – £1,271.2

Rottweilers – £1,215.84

Yorkshire Terrier – £1,156.85

Staffordshire Bull Terrier – £1,129.99

German Shepherd – £1,055.26

Pug – £1,017.83

Chihuahua – £1,009.53

Shih Tzu – £1,000.92

English Springer Spaniel – £970.97

Siberian Husky – £856.8

Jack Russell – £760.84

Mongrel – £714.27

Border Collie – £616.82

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