To celebrate National Adopt-a-Dog Month, 12 Toronto Rescue Workers share insider tips on how to master that adoption proposal and add a furry friend to your family


1) Make sure you are ready – ex. Yes, really ready

“Before applying to adopt a dog, make sure that you are absolutely ready to welcome an animal into your home. Think about how your life will change and how you will rearrange your schedule to meet your pet’s needs. Be prepared to hire a dog walker or pet sitter if necessary, register at a daycare center and ask realistically how often family and friends can help when you are away for a long time. ”-GL Gatto, Adoption Manager, New Collar Collective

2) Maintain, maintain, maintain

“Promoting an organization gives you a head start in adoption for many reasons. First, you get plenty of hands-on experience that will enable you to gain the knowledge and confidence you need for your adoption interview. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to show the rescue that you are already a responsible and committed pet owner. Biggest Inside Secret? Large numbers of adoptable dogs never make it onto the site as most rescue organizations allow trusted foster parents to test adopted dogs first. ” —Yamini Cohen, assistant care manager, Fetch + Releash

3) For now, stay close to your home

“If you want to adopt soon, make sure that you are not long gone, whether on business or pleasure. Dogs need time to settle down and understand things like where the door is to go outside, when to walk and eat, and they need to continue with social interactions and make transitions in their own time. ” –Lorraine Houston, President, Speaking of dog rescue

4) Recruit your dog crew

“Know what resources are available in your area and talk to the experts. Potential animal parents who have already submitted applications to veterinarians, trainers and dog hairdressers have priority when we match dogs with adoptive parents. “ —Denise Angus, Founder, Mattie’s Place

Natasha Gisondi, founder of Sea Paws Rescue

5) Research Salvation – and be patient

“Make sure you read through the adoption process, FAQ section, and requirements of each rescue before completing the application. Be patient and ready to wait for the right dog. Rescue pups come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds, and your perfect match is likely out there. “Natasha Gisondi, founder of Sea Paws Rescue

Bianca Del Bois, Founder, Urban Tails Animal Rescue

6) Get this general application

“With an application on file, the team can pre-screen, get in touch and stay in touch so we can show you the potentially best games behind the scenes. Ninety percent of our adoptions are this way, which means that so many of the cute pups we adopt never make it on social media or our website as an adoptive child. ”-Bianca Del Bois, Founder, Urban Tails Animal Rescue

Christine Reio, founder, DIBS Rescue

7) Be honest

“For most people, their match is out there, so be honest in your application. If you are out all day and don’t want to hire a dog walker, is this the time to have a dog in your life? If you don’t currently walk but are hoping to start walking, is getting a dog motivation enough to get you out? If you are completely honest in your application you may not get the dog you applied for, but it will help find the dog that is best for you. ” —Christine Reio, Founder, DIBS Rescue

8th) Become a doggy expert

“Explore and understand decompression, crate training, and the 3-3-3 rule, along with dog protection and how to teach children at home to respect a dog and its place. Address it in the application – don’t be afraid to give long and detailed answers. ” Leah Picone, Co-Founder of Red Dog Rescue

Ni Chen, Director and Adoption Manager, MUTTS Dog Rescue

9) Understand the bios

“Really read the dog’s bio. Look beyond the cherished breed and focus on the traits and idiosyncrasies of the dog you like. If you are responsive to the dog’s needs and how your household will help them thrive, you will stand out from the crowd. ” —Ni Chen, Director and Adoption Manager, MUTTS dog rescue

Sabrina Coelho, Adoption Director, Sea Paws Rescue

10) Fill that out entire Application (yes, every time)

“Don’t leave any questions about the application blank. We like it when a lot of thought is put into the answers as it shows commitment. Once you’ve completed an application, send a follow-up email expressing your interest in that particular dog and why you think they are the best fit for you. ” —Sabrina Coelho, Adoption Director, Sea Paws Rescue

Rachel Moore, Senior Adoption Coordinator, Save Our Scruff Rehome & Rescue

11) never give up

“If you get rejected the first time, please try again. Contrary to popular belief, we do not reject applicants who do not have a garden or have children. “ —Rachel Moore, Senior Adoption Coordinator, Save Our Scruff Rehome & Rescue

12) Get to know your dog candidate

“I always recommend making a few visits with the dog and building a bond with him while they are still at the shelter to ensure a smoother transition when they are brought home. ” —Danielle Eden, Owner, Dog Tales

13) Ace the meet and greet

“Ask the rescue or foster family lots of questions at the meet-and-greet. This is your opportunity to meet the dog of someone who has been in their care for the longest time. Ultimately, they will help you to give the dog the easiest transition into your home. ”-Natasha Gisondi, founder of Sea Paws Rescue

Tarah Motuzas, Founder of Canine Haven Rescue

14) Manage your expectations

“Remember that not every dog ​​is at home right away. We always tell our adopters and caregivers that three days, three weeks and three months are the big turning points and that you have to be ready and open to change. ” —Tarah Motuzas, founder of Canine Haven Rescue


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