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Dog trainers, animal lovers, and pooch enthusiasts alike are sought after for the task of adopting a puppy to be trained and raised as part of the Guide Dogs of America – Tender Loving Canines puppy rearing program.

The organization said it currently has an “urgent need for puppy breeders” in southern California, including San Diego.

These aren’t just cute puppies (though they are irresistibly cute). These are puppies with a purpose and future as a service or guide dog to serve veterans, blind or visually impaired people, and children with autism.

Applicants interested in participating in the program will be carefully screened to determine if they are suitable for the job. Foster families assigned a puppy are expected to teach them basic obedience and house manners in addition to proper socialization.

Those selected to raise a puppy must pay for food, flea / tick prevention, and a public obedience class. In the meantime, Guide Dogs of America will cover the veterinary bills and host meetings for all puppy breeders in the San Diego area.

Potential foster families must be aware that the puppies cannot be left alone for long periods of time and must obtain permission to take the pooch to work or have someone to work with the puppy during this time. Homeowners and tenants with socialized pets are welcome to apply.

Once the puppies get older and have received adequate basic training from their foster families, participants must say goodbye to the puppies when registering for formal training to become a guide or service dog.

Further information on the application and its requirements can be found here.


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