Veterinarians warn pet owners that hot patches can burn paws


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KOVR) – With parts of the country boiling from excessive heat, it’s a good time to remind pet owners to take care of their furry friends’ paws.

Veterinary clinics say they are seeing more dogs with burns on their paws because the sidewalk is too hot.

Nine month old Kona is a cool dog and wants to keep it that way. Her owner Mark Wemple says he’s changing his walking habits with dogs because of the three-digit temperatures.

“I don’t take them with me in the afternoons because it’s just too hot,” said Wemple.

When the thermometer rises, clinics see more animals with heat-related injuries.

“Oslo has a wrapped paw here because he walked on a bit too hot ground,” said veterinarian Julia Armstrong of a recent furry patient.

It’s an all too common problem this time of year.

“We had a dog that broke away from its owner. And when they captured the bitch, all of her paws were blistered and torn and sore from walking on asphalt, â€said Armstrong.

Veterinarians say on a 90-degree day, the temperature of the sidewalk can reach 150 degrees.

“They have a little ball of the foot like our palms, which are all very delicate skin,” said Armstrong. “It’s meant to be walked on, but it’s not meant to stand on sizzling hot ground.”

Armstrong’s tip is to touch the sidewalk with the back of your hand first.

“If this is uncomfortable for you, it is really uncomfortable for your dog’s delicate little paws,” said Armstrong.

Armstrong also recommends taking breaks from these dog walks.

“You have to go for a walk in the evening when the sun goes down or in the morning before it gets too hot,” she said.

It is a sacrifice that makes man’s best friend so grateful.

“They trust us to take care of them,” said Armstrong.

According to experts, if you need to go out before cooling down, you should carry your dog to grassy areas to avoid the concrete.

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