Packed with practical recommendations, clever tips and handy tools – all with a hearty dose of humour, light-hearted doodles and heartwarming photos –It’s never long enough draws from over 15 years of vet visits by Dr. Gardner with her patients with gray muzzled dogs and their families. The book also highlights new animal and human health information related to aging, weaves together lifelong candid stories about Dr. Gardner’s own senior dogs and answers the most common questions pet owners have asked about their senior companions throughout their careers.

dr Gardner added, “I’ve had the honor of helping countless geriatric pets and their families one-on-one throughout my career, and I’m thrilled to be able to reach more pet owners with my books. I am committed to helping families stay attuned to age-related changes in their pets, better understand their pet’s needs and ailments, facilitate the delicate conversations they may have with their vet about caring for their elderly pet, and be They better be prepared for what may come as the end of their beloved companion’s life draws near.”

It’s never long enough also provides insights into caregivers taking care of themselves. dr Gardner noted, “Everyone has different levels of ability to care for their pets, especially when their senior pet’s ailments are increasing. When families don’t know what can be done to help their senior dog — and themselves — have a better life, they may feel helpless. My hope is to help pet parents provide support that is consistent with their goals of caring for their elderly, tail-wagging family members.

As a supplement to It’s never long enough or as a standalone resource, Dr. Gardner created the accompanying workbook, Health and care journal for geriatric dogs. Thoughtfully and cheerfully designed, journal pages, questionnaires, logs, lists, assessments, and other templates help zoo keepers document and organize important information. It’s a handy tool for tracking a geriatric dog’s health status, medical care and quality of life, and for capturing memories of the tender loving care that pet parents share with their cherished silver-snouted companions.

Both books are available in multiple formats from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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DR Mary Gardner started her veterinary medical career in the family doctor’s practice and then focused her professional focus on veterinary palliative care and hospice. She is co-founder of Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice, the nation’s largest veterinary organization dedicated to providing in-home veterinary care for pets at the end of life. dr Gardner is also a co-author and co-editor of a veterinary textbook, Treatment and care of the veterinary geriatric patient; co-authored a children’s activity book focused on saying goodbye to a dog, friends for ever; and author of a workbook for cat parents, Health and care journal for geriatric cats. She co-founded Monarch Pet Memorial Services, the first pet aquatic service in the United States South Florida. dr Gardner regularly teaches at national and international veterinary conferences. She has helped advance and improve the attention and medical care that elderly pets receive at home and in veterinary care centers.

For more information, visit or call 949-392-5004.

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