VIDEO: Vancouver Dog Oxygenated, Now Recovering After Fire

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A dog is safe and recovering thanks to some quick work from the Vancouver firefighters over the weekend.

The seven-month-old Labrador was dragged out of a house fire along East 60th Avenue in South Vancouver on Saturday, July 31st.

“The second crew went to the basement where the fire was originally seen and is still burning. They went to put out the fire and found that there was a seven-month-old laboratory on the floor, ”said Ken Gammill, Vancouver’s Assistant Chief Fire and Rescue Services.

Gammill says the crews didn’t expect to find the dog when they entered the basement and found it was difficult to see and the conditions were pretty hot.

Crews took the dog outside and got to work quickly.

The video of what happened was posted on Twitter by Vancouver Fire Fighters IAFF Local 18 and is getting quite a bit of attention.

It shows the dog lying on its side and barely moving and being looked after by fire fighters. The members are seen quickly assembling their gear and oxygenating the pup.

“They put oxygen on it through a dog mask, they cool it down, and it also had a burn on one of its legs so they cooled the leg and put it on,” Gammill said. “Then they sent with the permission and help of the owner [the dog] To the vet. About 24 hours later we found that the dog had a really tough 24 hours but was showing good signs of recovery and survived. “

No further personal injuries in connection with the fire were reported.

Gammill says the owners did the right thing in this case by not going back inside and reminding people to always leave rescues to the experts.

“We don’t want anyone to come back to a building that is on fire. Fortunately, firefighters, we go in with all of our personal protective equipment … with two-way radios. You can’t go into burning buildings to look for your pets, you have to leave that to the professionals, ”said Gammill, adding that you can tell the firefighters when they get to the scene if you miss one of your pets.

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