Walled Lake man who killed woman and dog sought mental health help days before attack, daughter says

A Walled Lake man who killed his wife and dog and shot his daughter early Sunday had sought psychological help days before the attack, his other daughter said.

Igor Lanis, 54, was shot dead by police after murdering his wife and family dog. His 25-year-old daughter, Rachel, was injured but survived.

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His 21-year-old daughter Rebecca Lanis said her father was being radicalized by online conspiracy theories and was struggling with mental health issues. She said he tried to check himself into a psychiatric facility on September 8, three days before the attack, but was sent home.

Rebecca wrote about what happened in a post she made on Reddit titled “My Q-Dad grabbed and killed my family this morning.” She was referring to the QAnon theory. According to Rebecca, Igor believes in baseless claims such as a pedophile cult, that the elite planned the Covid pandemic and that the election was stolen from former President Donald Trump.

She claims that while Igor was never violent, his beliefs led to the violent attack. She warns people against getting help for family members implicated in QAnon conspiracy theories, especially if they have access to guns.

Rebecca said that when Rachel is fully recovered they plan to move and start over. She said her sister had surgery at Ascension Providence Hospital in Novi but was unable to move her legs at the time and was facing permanent paralysis.

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