WATCH: Dog breeders are holding an event on Gros Islet

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On Sunday, July 31st, Beta Kennel hosted an event at the Advanced K-9 Training Services Dog Park in Beausejour Gros Islet, attended by local dog breeders and dog lovers in St. Lucia.

Beta Kennel is owned by Mrs. Amber Trezelle, a relative newcomer to the local scene with a passion for dogs and an advocate of proper breeding practices.

The family-friendly event was attended by many local dog breeders and owners who happily locked their pets in for an afternoon of conversation, relaxation and valuable information.

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On site were the Advanced K-9 Training officers who were happy to lend their support by providing the venue and showcasing their training and obedience classes.

Given the popularity of pedigree and large breed dogs on the island, these trainers explained what owners need to know about caring for their pets.

Local dog owners have invested heavily in pet pets and security areas in recent years. The trainers were available to discuss all aspects of handling and courses they offer for training.

A brief obedience demonstration presented an impressive result of a well trained animal making its way through the obstacle course demonstrating defensive and protective skills.

Mrs Treselle was very happy with the result and the support of her family and friends who were available that day with a park full of dogs of all types.

“I am very happy that so many people have come to support this event,
We have a genuine passion for dogs and want all of our owners to have as much information as possible to keep their dogs safe and happy.”

The park seemed to have almost every type and size of dog, from poodle breeds that were carried in straw baskets to huge, stately Rottweilers that frowned at the large audience. A few growers gave short speeches explaining their business and pledged responsible commitment to the industry.

Suppliers of products from dog food to pet toys were also on site.

As enthusiasm for new and exotic dog breeds translates into a growing interest in St. Lucia, this type of event can only bode well for increased owner knowledge and fostering a healthy community of dog breeders in St. Lucia.

Source: Beta Kennel

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