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Hi there,

I’m trying to track down the owner of a black haired Akita dog that lives near the end of 47th Avenue SW. His dog seriously injured my dog ​​when he passed my house on 47th Avenue SW on September 4, 2021.

His dog is a 100 pound black headed Akita. His dog grabbed my 18 pound 11 year old dog by the neck and yanked it up and down wildly to break its neck. The Akita dog was bred for dog fighting in the 17th century and to protect royalty in Japan and to hunt wild boars and bears. They are one of the breeds of dogs considered dangerous enough to potentially be banned from the Seattle City Limits. My dog ​​has never been in a dog fight in his life. I’ve never seen a dog go at the juggler like that. This was partly my fault as my dog ​​was on a leash and it slipped out of my hand. As he approached it, the Akita attacked. It was so violent that he tore his collar off his body. The owner tried to get his dog under control but couldn’t and as soon as the dog stopped, he wouldn’t let go of my dog. It was extremely scary.

After that, the owner apologized and said he would look into it. He didn’t and I was so concerned for the welfare of my dogs that I didn’t get his contact details. I took my dog ​​to the vet right away and he had an operation and hundreds of stitches. The vet bills were $ 1,500.

The dog’s owner offered to help pay the vet’s bill, then said he would see if the insurance would cover the cost and said he would get in touch with me but never did.

If someone knows who the dog owner is, I would appreciate their contact details.

I don’t want to have the dog euthanized. I want to know the history of the dog. I would like to know if he hurt another dog or person. I think it is imperative that he wear a muzzle. I would warn people to be careful around this dog.

My name is Claire and my contact is 206-683-9114. Please call me or write to me.


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