What to Consider Before Choosing a Pet Dog

There’s nothing quite like coming home from a stressful day at work, only to be greeted enthusiastically by your four-legged friend who wants to cuddle with you. Dogs, or any other pet, make great companions and are known to relieve stress. During the pandemic, many people gave in to their need for an animal friend, and dog ownership skyrocketed.

If you are planning to add a new canine member to your family, there are a few things to keep in mind. We all know that taking care of dogs isn’t that easy and if you can’t afford the grooming then it’s not a good idea to get one. Consider the following things before making the decision.

Dogs need company

It’s important to walk, play, or engage in other activities with your dog for at least two hours a day. In addition, dogs are prone to separation anxiety when left alone for too long and need company for most of the day. If he has to be alone at home for a long time, you need to gradually train your dog to do this. Note that some dogs are easier to train than others.

long-term commitment

Having a dog is a long-term commitment. The average life expectancy of a dog is around 10-15 years and during this time they are your responsibility. If you have a dog, you may need to make lifestyle changes, and you must be willing to do so. If you travel a lot, you can either take the dog with you or organize a dog sitter in your absence. Also, regardless of breed, dogs are money-burners. Caring for a dog takes money and you have to be willing to spend it


People typically choose dogs that are physically appealing or cute, but pet owners report that they feel better when their behavior matches their own personality traits. Dog owners, for example, were happier when they thought their pets were showing a level of warmth that matched their own.

Socialization and training needs

It is important that puppies or rescue dogs are trained to socialize so they are not frightened, intimidated or challenged by other people or animals. Introduce them to more people or other animals as pets when they are young so they will normalize to strangers. Also, puppies need to be taken to the bathroom and taught to obey so that one day they will be able to walk off a leash.

choice of breed

This is a crucial consideration. Some breeds require three to four hours of daily activity, so they probably won’t do well if you prefer lazy days in front of the TV or have limited time due to work or family commitments. If you live in an area with lots of animals — or house cats — you need to keep your hunting dogs under strict control. These hereditary traits in dogs cannot be erased, so it’s important to educate yourself about the many different breeds and choose a dog that fits your lifestyle.

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