Why dogs are not allowed to live outside

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Dogs should not be left outside all day and night. Because your dog could escape, become aggressive or be the victim of an animal attack.

Also, dogs that are left alone all day and night can become lonely and start acting.

Remember that your dog is part of your family – so treat him as one!

Here are some main reasons why domestic dogs are not allowed to live outside.

Dogs can escape if left alone outside

You may think you have a secure fence around your yard, but any determined dog will be able to sneak out. A dog can dig under the fence or jump over it.

Remember that if a dog is left alone all the time, it may try to escape out of boredom or loneliness.

A high risk of animal attacks

Every day it seems like there is news about wild animals attacking dogs. Don’t let your own dog become one of these stories.

Wildlife that might attack a dog left alone includes larger animals like coyotes and more insidious animals like venomous snakes and insects.

exposure to inclement weather

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Dogs left outside alone risk being abandoned harsh weather conditions. First of all, extreme conditions like heat waves and winter storms can be fatal to a dog. This applies in particular if no accommodation has been made available to them.

So make sure you always take your dog inside with you when the weather is bad.

Being left out can encourage bad behavior

Dogs can use it bad behavior when they have to live alone outside. A dog might do this out of a mixture of boredom and frustration.

For example, a dog might start barking non-stop, dig destructively, or chew on patio furniture.

Also, dogs that are left alone outside all the time could develop aggressive tendencies. This is a kind of defense mechanism.

The risk of being stolen

Unfortunately, just the sight of a dog can make someone want to steal the dog.

If dogs are stolen, they may be used in dogfighting rings or subjected to other abusive practices.

Have you seen dogs that are always alone outside? What do you think about such a situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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