Why should you have your dog trained and certified for emotional support?


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Following the recent uproar over “fake” emotional support animals and the unfortunate situations they created around the world that resulted in the US DOT changing the rules for service animals on airplanes and allowing airlines to use emotional support animals Not accepting on board, it is more important than ever that you teach your dog to be a well-behaved pet in public and around strangers for emotional support.

Service Dog Training School International offers an online canine emotional support training course that teaches your dog obedience, house manners, social skills, good public behavior, and engagement.

Although ESAs do not require specific training, they can easily be turned away from public establishments such as restaurants, shops, hotels and malls, especially if they show signs of agitation, misconduct, bad behavior and aggressiveness. If your ESD is properly trained, such as the Certified Emotional Support Dog Training Course (https://www.servicedogtrainingschool.org/online-school/emotional-support-dog-training-course) is offered by SDTSI, it will behave well in public and in its dealings with people and will have more chances of being approved in public companies.

Most importantly, ESAs provide comfort to people with mental illnesses such as anxiety, attention deficit, autism, bipolar disorder, manic disorder, cognitive disorders, depression, phobia, PTSD, and stress.Keep your ESAs close in any situation, but when the If ESA does not behave well, it will cause even more stress and frustration for its owners, it will do more harm than good.

That is why the SDTSI team of expert trainers and zookeepers created this course-based online emotional support training for dogs to help you train your dog to be a well behaved dog both at home and in public areas. The course is fully available online and includes study materials, one-to-one tuition support, and the final canine certification for emotional support and a registration badge. SDTSI has also developed an app that allows you to train anytime, anywhere.

International service dog school
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About Service Dog Training School International

Focuses on helping people with mental and physical disabilities train their own dog to be a qualified service dog to support them in their daily life.
Developed by the SDTSI team of seasoned service dog trainers and animal behavior experts, all SDTSI courses use positive reinforcement techniques and a compassionate training approach to foster the deepest bond between ESDs and their owners.
Courses are available online in the SDTSI web portal and in the SDTSI app.

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