You and your dog could get £500 just for training together

A Devon dog and his owner could rack up 500 pounds just from exercising together. If you and your furry friend love exercising and having fun together, and don’t mind being filmed doing it, you could be the next fitness stars.

Personal trainer course provider OriGym is looking nationwide for a star quality pooch and his owner to help create the ultimate doggy workout. The winning couple will receive £500 to film the exercises together.

The ultimate doggy workout is being shared far and wide online. The pair will be the faces of dog and human training, encouraging others to train with their pets, bringing many benefits.

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Luke Hughes, Founder of OriGym and Level 4 Personal Trainer, said, “Exercising your dog comes with a whole host of benefits beyond just keeping you fit and healthy. That’s why we want to work with a fitness fanatic and his furry friend to create an exercise program that’s effective and safe for both human and canine.

“Having a trusty furry friend as a cardio companion is not only very motivating, but it can also reduce stress, improve mental health and help reduce feelings of loneliness. Exercising your dog is also vital to their health and helps prevent boredom and destructive behavior.”

Both owner and dog are given the opportunity to work closely with OriGym’s team of personal trainers to perform and film a variety of workouts for other dog owners to follow to help keep fit along with their pup. This special program is created in conjunction with a canine expert to ensure the exercises are safe and beneficial for both the dog and the owner, allowing both to train together and reap the health and fitness benefits together.

OriGym has stated that the duo must meet the following criteria:

Owners must be 18 years or older. Dogs can be of any age provided they are well behaved, healthy and fit. In order to apply, you must complete the following three steps:

  1. Record a 10-20 second video of your dog doing their best trick or you training with them
  2. Share your video on Instagram, tag @origym_coe and use the hashtag #origymfurryfitnessfriend
  3. Fill out the application form here.

The application deadline is April 30, 11:59 p.m.

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