You can pre-order this human dog bed that’s perfect for a nap

Have you ever looked at your pet snuggled up and snoozing in their fluffy little bed and thought, “Gosh, that looks cozy!”? Then you should check out the Plufl. While it looks like a human-sized dog bed — and it basically is — the makers of the Plufl claim it’s so much more.

Noah Silverman and Yuki Kinoshita met in 2018 during their freshman week at the University of British Columbia and became best friends. The owners of the campus cafe where Silverman worked had a Great Dane that hung around the cafe. The oversized dog rested in a giant bed that its owners had made, giving Silverman the idea of ​​making something similar for humans.

He told Kinoshita, who shared his fondness for napping.


“Yuki and I have always been pretty big naps. You know, as university students.” Silverman told the Vancouver Sun. “With full-time classes and extracurricular activities, it’s difficult to get a full night’s sleep.”

The two entrepreneurs, who have just completed their international business program, want to normalize naps during workdays for optimal health and productivity — and take those naps in a room made for napping, rather than retiring to a bed where the body can used to lying down for 7 hours at a time.

With the help of a designer with a textile background, the friends came up with the idea the plush (plush + fluffy) design. Silverman says people were skeptical at first, but the idea caught on on TikTok on her @weareplufl account thanks to posts like this:

@weareplusl #Nap #sleep #napfluencer #sleep influencers #plusfl #smallbusiness #Small Business Check #small business owner #self-made #Pagan #spa #smallbiz #smallbiztiktok ♬ So you are an artist – Tej Patel

Featuring an orthopedic memory foam base and a removable, antimicrobial, machine washable faux fur cover, the Plufl is engineered to provide the optimal sleeping experience. It’s also said to promote a sense of security, which can relieve symptoms of ADHD, stress, and anxiety. In addition, it has a thick, soft cushion border that you can put your hands and feet in if you want. The oval shape cradles you in a natural fetal position.

Started plusl a Kickstarter campaign in April and reached its destination on the same day. The company later shared an update on Facebook.

“We are very happy to announce that we almost tripled our 25,000 goal with over 200 supporters in just three days,” announced the Plufl faebook site. “We are so grateful for all the support and appreciate you having you with us on this journey.”

While you can’t buy Plufl directly yet, you can get one through the products indiegogo campaign if you hurry. The company reckons the retail price will be around $500, but some limited early-bird specials still allow you to pre-order a Plufl for $399. Kickstarter contributors will start receiving their Plufls starting in November, while Indiegogo campaign participants can expect theirs starting in January 2023.

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